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May 28, 2008

Smartparts SP8PRT: Is it a Digital Picture Frame or a Printer?

smartparts_SP8PRT.jpgWelp, you guessed it -- it's both. And it's got the clunky body to prove it. In theory, the SP8PRT sounds like a plausible product. In actuality, we are sorry to report that this offering feels a bit premature with undeveloped features making this a questionable investment at $250.

To be frank, this is a picture frame with a thermal-dye printer mounted on its backside. From the front it looks like a frame, and acts like a frame, but at an angle you'll see the hulking girth -- obviously you can't mount this puppy on a wall and you'll want to choose placement carefully to draw attention away from the printer growth.

Frame supports USB keys and camera memory cards, plays movies and sound. There is no way to connect a computer to this frame -- all file transfers, displaying of images and printing is done through the USB keys and memory cards. (Great.) There are no editing capabilities aside from the ability to rotate photos. Remote control included.

Printer uses a continuous roll of paper and a single "ink cartridge" (technically called a "dye pack"). The roll paper means it will be thinner than your average photo paper and tend to curl. (Great.) Prints are limited to 4x6. On the bright side, color is good and photos are water-resistant and scratch-resistant. Smartparts has no data that guarantees the color-fastness of the prints, so it remains a mystery how long a print will last. (Great.) In addition, when compared to printing from a dedicated photo printer, which costs about 25-30 cents per photo, the SP8PRT is practically double at about 55.5 cents per photo.

All this kind of leaves us scratching our heads. For now, keep your digital picture frames and photo printers separate. We're grading it an Incomplete. (via PCMAG)

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May 27, 2008

Fidelity Electronics Digital Picture Frames: Vibrant & Reliable

While a lesser-known brand, Fidelity Electronics is kicking up some dust in the digital picture frame market. The latest invention, due to hit stores in July, is the Digital Photo Vault. (via Marketnews) Fidelity has always been known for crisp and vibrant displays. The biggest difference between the models is screen size and screen resolution. If you plan on using your digital picture frame with your computer, the word on the street is that Fidelity frames are not excellent with MACs. They could use some better product photography too, don't you think? fidelity_digivault.jpgDigital Photo Vault (Available in July for $399)
Featuring an 8-inch screen and enormous 80GB hard drive (expandable with flash memory), this frame is meant to be a convenient storage facility for a vast collection of photos. Plays MP3 and video and comes with a rechargeable battery -- ideal if you like a wire-free display situation or want the frame to be portable. In addition, the frame has a motion sensor that will automatically power up the frame when it senses motion in the room.

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Got an Old Laptop? Turn It Into a Digital Picture Frame!

laptop2digiframe.jpgTake a click over to Hack A Day to learn how you can transform an ancient laptop into a fancy digital picture frame. It looks hard.

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May 26, 2008

Think Grandparents & Newlyweds: Kodak Preloaded Digital Picture Frames and Memory Cards

kodak_preloaded.jpgThis is a great gift idea. As part of your online order, Kodak will load your new digital frame with up to 100 of your photos. Frames come in 7-inch, 8-inch and 10-inch and range from $145-225. The Wi-Fi frame is also available preloaded at $275. See our earlier post for more detailed information on the frames. You can also order a Secure Digital memory card and preload that for $20. Now that's a great gift. How about getting the grandparents a frame one year and then annually sending a loaded memory card with the latest photos of the kids? Or the newlyweds a frame loaded with shots from their wedding? Yes indeed. Visit the link below to get started with Kodak:


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May 15, 2008

New! Sony VGF-CP1 Digital Frame with WiFi

sony_VGFCP1.PNGWelcome to WiFi, Sony. Now you can get a Sony frame and connect wirelessly to your computer, printer, mobile phone and the Internet to access your photo albums at places like Picasa. What's lame about it? We're wondering why Sony couldn't fit in video playback and make some models with a larger screen. For some reason WiFi products seem to launch first in Japan, so unless you've got a plane ticket 30,000 yen on your hands, you'll have to wait to spend your $300 later in the year.

Here's some stats:
- 7-inch screen
- 16 million colors at 800x480
- 512MB built-in memory, accepts most memory sticks
- MP3 and WMA playback
- WiFi enabled to connect to devices and internet
- Will access RSS feeds to broadcast news headlines, weather
- Remote control

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May 14, 2008

Oh My: Digital Picture Frame Pet Urns

digitalpicturepeturns.jpgThat's right folks, digital picture frame URN. Designed for pets, at this point. The urn compartment can manage 0-75 lbs. of remains. There's a 7-inch screen and a 256MB internal memory, so if you save your photos down to screen resolution you can fit hundreds of them on there. Comes with a battery operated remote, a power supply cord and a USB cord for transferring photos with your PC. Will also handle audio, so you can hear the precious barks, whines and purrs anytime. Urns are available in oak and walnut for $289.95 from www.pet-urns.com. Get them while they last!

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May 5, 2008

Mother's Day Gift Guide: 3 Great Digital Picture Frames Under $100

Okay folks, you're cutting it close on the big Mom Day, but here's 3 great digital picture frames under $100 you can score in a hurry through Amazon or by scampering out to your local store--call first!Axion_AXN9702.jpgAxion AXN-9702 7-Inch Widescreen Digital Picture Frame -- $59.99
An unknown brand, but a decent one, this 7-inch frame has a few lifestyle features included--clock, calendar and alarm setting. It plays MP3s, has a remote and is compatible with USB flash drives. The only drawback is that you've got to get a memory card with this--it only holds 15 photos on the built-in memory--but you'll probably eventually want more memory with any digital picture frame.kodak_SV710.pngKodak EasyShare SV-710 7-Inch Multimedia Digital Picture Frame -- $79.90
Kodak is one of those trusted brands folks gravitate to, with good reason, so this'll be a familiar name to Moms everywhere. We recently reviewed the whole Kodak line so be sure to check out the post if you're interested in a bigger screen or wireless capability. The SV-710 plays MP3s, video (MOV, AVI, MPEG) and has a variety of on-frame capabilities (editing, browsing, albums) as well as a remote, slideshow templates and programmable on/off settings. It also features PictBridge which allows you to print directly to a printer without using a computer. Styling is traditional--comes with a black frame but you can purchase another faceplate to change the design.Philips_6pt5inch.pngPhilips 7FF2FPA 6.5-Inch Digital Picture Frame -- $99.99
Always stellar in the electronics field, Philips has some nice frame offerings, including this 6.5-inch. It features Photo Manager, where you can create photo albums, adjust images and display slideshows. Philips' touts quality of color and an auto-fit feature that will automatically size your photos to fill the screen. Styling is modern and there are programmable on/off settings. Again, with just 16MB of internal memory you'll need a memory card right off the bat--otherwise you'll only fit about 30 shots.

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April 28, 2008

Digital Photo Frame and iPod Dock: Mustek PF i700

mustek_ipodframe.jpgNow this could work. Why have a digital photo frame AND an iPod dock when you can squish them together into one? This debuted at CES 2008 but now you can actually purchase it -- Amazon's got it for $106.16. So, stick your iPod in the dock and select the music you'd like to enjoy with your photo display. Here are the stats, it's a simple device:

- 7-inch display (480x234)
- Video and music playback
- iPod dock charges iPod
- Multilanguage support (8 languages)

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April 14, 2008

Fridge Magnet Digital Photo Frames: At Last?

fridgemagnetframe.jpgWell... if it isn't another evolution for digital photography and humanity. At first the fridge magnet digital photo frame seems irritating, but think about it. No more mucky photos stuck all over the fridge, falling down from pathetic theme magnets (poor magnets) and with the 32MB of internal memory, chances are you can represent every man, woman and chicken who comes through your door -- at last, no one is offended. This can't help you with crumpled, questionable kindergarten paintings. This digital frame appears to hail from the UK for about $60 -- we'll update other purchase options as they come up.

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April 9, 2008

Kodak EasyShare Digital Photo Frames: New M Series, Wireless, Customizable Faceplates

Kodak, the American favorite (once upon a time, anyway), has a full lineup of digital photo frames. They are a good option overall and we love the customizable faceplates. There's dozens of new designs (especially for the new M series) that you can mix and match -- wood and metals, matte borders and even a shadowbox option -- go to the Kodak site to see what we mean. You can try Kodak Outlet for deals on refurbished frames -- otherwise Amazon's usually rocking the best price. Try to excuse Kodak's crappy product photography. If you want frames that make you drool, try Ality.

Kodak EasyShare Wireless Frames
EX1011 Kodak EasyShare 10-inch Wireless Digital Frame (Amazon $249.99)
EX811 Kodak EasyShare 8-inch Wireless Digital Frame (Amazon $159.98)kodak_wirelessframe.pngThe wireless frames come in 8-inch and 10-inch sizes. These frames are packed with useful features but the coolest thing is Picture Mail through Kodak Gallery. You can send your photos to other Kodak Wireless photo frame owners and receive new photos from people using Kodak Gallery. If you don't use Kodak Gallery, this feature is of course useless.

- 800x480 display resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio
- LED backlight
- Built-in speakers play MP3s
- Video (MOV, AVI, MPEG1, MPEG4)
- Image files format (JPEG, EXIF)
- Wi-Fi enabled: can add photos/videos from computer to frame over your wireless network
- Send + receive photos through Kodak Gallery
- On-frame viewing + editing
- Slideshow templates
- Can print directly to PictBridge-enabled printer
- Can program automatic on/off settings
- Remote control
- 128MB internal memory
- Insert memory card, connect direct to camera, or to computer (via USB)
- Tabletop or wall mount
- Accessory faceplates to customize frame

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