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July 14, 2008

Pandigital's Collage-Style Digital Picture Frame

pandigital_collageframe.jpgUm... we're not sure about this one. It's a 7-inch digital frame, one 5x7 still frame and two 4x6 still frames attached together into this Collage Monster. Roar. We kind of wish they were all digital frames, it seems like a clunky marriage of the old and the new. At any rate, Pandigital is a hearty player in the digital frame world and this offering at a reasonable $140 (Amazon) is no exception. It's got all the features you should expect from a digital picture frame: plays photos, music and video, remote control, auto settings, clock, calendar and compatibility with more memory cards. (via ChipChick)

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July 8, 2008

New Digital Picture Frames from Transcend: The T.photo720 and T.photo710

transcend_t710.jpgWell, these new digital picture frames sure have been hitting the news wires. We like the designs, but per yesterday's post we'll be keeping an eye on these frames as they get closer to releasing price point and retail details. Transcend is known for its products in memory, not multimedia. The 710 is already available for sale (see below) but the 720 has just been announced. At any rate, here are the features of note:

- 7-inch widescreen with HD (800x480)
- 2GB internal memory plus room for memory cards
- Automatic Orientation Sensor (AOS) which will rotate image to be right-side-up on screen
- Supports photos, video and audio (including FM radio) as well as slideshows

T.photo710 ($101.59 at Amazon)
- 7-inch flat panel display (480x234)
- 1GB internal memory plus room for memory cards
- Supports photos, video and audio as well as slideshows
- Calendar and alarm clock feature

(via Gadgetell)

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July 7, 2008

Fire Warning: Cheap Digital Picture Frames Rejected at U.S. Border

cheapdigiframesonfire.jpgThis is case in point of "you get what you pay for." With the rising popularity of the digital picture frame, all kinds of unqualified manufacturers are getting in the game, usually in China. These cheap frames are branded generically or sold as private label frames for stores like Best Buy and Wal-mart. Fortunately, U.S. port officials have caught on and just rejected almost 1 million digital picture frames manufactured in China due to fire hazard concerns.

Fire? Yes, indeed. Many a cheap digital picture frame has been blamed for fires in homes and offices across the country because the frames spontaneously catch on fire. Manufacturers are using substandard materials that run at high temperatures and/or LCD screens and operating systems that are not engineered to handle the constant usage that the average digital picture frame is under. Buyer beware of manufacturer Sun Plus Technology -- their screens and operating systems were originally designed for portable DVD players and have been identified as fire starters. Take it from us -- stick to the trusted brands and if the price is too good to be true, as Dad said, it usually is. (via DigitalPictureFrameReview)

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July 3, 2008

HDTV + Cookbook + Digital Picture Frame = The Pandigital Kitchen

pandigital_kitchenctr.jpgWe like this movement to beef up the digital picture frame --these devices can serve more than one purpose at a time. Welcome the Kitchen Technology Center from Pandigital. Introduce your kitchen to this glorious invention (mount under cabinet, on wall or stand on counter) and enjoy morning news, evening recipes and entertaining photo slideshows. The frame comes with preloaded recipes and you can upload additional ones. The frame has got 512MB built-in memory to hold your MP3s, photos and video -- transfer files with memory sticks or Wi-fi and connect to your favorite photo-sharing site. Screen is 15-inch with 1280x720 HDTV resolution. And the best part, is this device is designed for messy kitchen life with a glass seal to protect from greasy splatters and make it easy to wipe clean. Comes with three faceplates to match your d├ęcor -- brush steel, black and white. You'll be able to pick this up in August for $400, stay tuned! (via Kitchen Contraptions)

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July 2, 2008

Frame Channel: Manage Your Digital Picture Frame's Wi-Fi Feeds

framechanel.pngIf you've got a Wi-Fi digital picture frame in your life and haven't heard of Frame Channel, check it out. Here you can manage your RSS feeds and multiple photo sharing accounts. Through this single membership (free) you can set up your digital frame to receive your photos (and those of friends and family) from all kinds of sites like Flickr, Facebook, Picasa, MSN, Photobucket -- the list goes on. You can also set up RSS feeds to receive news and sports updates right to your frame. A centralized place to manage this stuff is fantastic. (via wirelesspictureframe)

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June 23, 2008

Digital Picture Frame Meets Phone with the GE PhotoPhone

GE_PhotoPhone.jpgThis is for all of us who ever wanted to live like the Jetsons. The PhotoPhone from GE is a cordless phone that has a 7-inch LCD screen to display photographic caller ID. You simply load your average memory card (up to 100 digital photos) and associate those photos with phone numbers of your friends and family. When the phone rings, no more deciphering of the caller ID screen, you get a photo! When you're not using the phone, the screen operates like any digital picture frame, playing a slideshow of your images. A must-have, right? Yeah, well, we think this could be a great product for the elder population who may find caller ID screens difficult to decipher. And hey, this is a whole lot more fun. You can load photos of the grandkids -- simple pleasures. Amazon's got the PhotoPhone for $124.19.

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June 19, 2008

Samsung and Thomas Kinkade: Make Way for the Digital Masterworks Art-TV!

SamsungKinkadeArtTV.jpgStart saving your shekels for the holidays, folks. A couple weeks ago Samsung announced a collaboration with The Thomas Kinkade Company where they will marry large-scale high-definition displays with fine artwork. The working name is the Digital Masterworks Art-TV and it's a whopping 46-inch 1080-pixel LCD screen with a 40GB hard drive. The display is set in a traditional Thomas Kinkade frame giving it that gallery feel through and through. Once they've got this hulking beauty working, the idea is to distribute Thomas Kinkade artwork via the internet -- whether this is like purchasing PodCasts of art or a subscription, we aren't sure. There are even audio tracks that will narrate about the art period and artist as well. (There is talk of touch screen functionality but we sincerely hope they skip that smudgy idea.) There's no pricing reported yet, but expect to shell out. Thomas Kinkade Signature Galleries will have exclusive distribution of the Art-TV at the end of the year, and they expect broader distribution in the second half of 2009. We love the possibilities of this creation -- stay tuned for developments. (via SlashGear)

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June 17, 2008

Sticky Fingers: NuTouch 7-inch Premium Digital Touch Picture Frame

nutouch_7inch.jpgWe're still not sold on the touchscreen idea for a viewing screen, but manufacturers sure think it's a good idea. Doesn't this make you wonder why they don't have touch TVs? Funny, it doesn't, does it? Well, latest on the touchy scene is NuTouch (get it?) from Digital Spectrum Solutions with a 7-inch digital frame that plays your photos and MP3s -- um, all at the touch of your fingers. 128MB internal storage with room for memory card, screen resolution is 800 x 480 with a 3:2 ratio, connects to PC via USB and best of all, there's an internal battery so you can avoid the ugly cord blues. You can pick this up at iwantoneofthose for about $250. Wash first, folks. (via engadet)

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June 16, 2008

Get Your Bling On: Digital Spectrum 17-inch Digital Picture Frame in Gold!

digitalspectrum_gold17inch.jpgNow here's a frame for your crib. Digital Spectrum has a wide range of digital frame styles, which is nice to see in this sea of sameness. If gold's not your thing, you can experiment with other faceplates like woods and silvers and blacks. The 17-inch screen will delight you! (That screen size is what's causing the price point, by the way.) Plays JPGs, MP3 audio and video with built-in stereo speakers. Connect to your computer via USB. Operates via remote control. Pick it up at Amazon for $350.

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June 10, 2008

eStarling's WiFi Digital Picture Frame with Facebook Feed

estarlingfacebook.jpgLove this. eStarling's 8-inch wifi frame has just been updated with a Facebook feed -- that means you can link it to your Facebook account and view your and your friends photos directly on your frame. You can already connect with Photobucket, Flickr and Smugmug. eStarling's tactic is to add new feeds like this rather than revise its hardware every 6 months -- a frame that keeps on giving. They use Seeframe Live to facilitate your photos -- it's a website where you can store, organize and share your photos. (via Crave)

Here's some stats on the frame -- you can find it at Amazon for $224.
- 8-inch widescreen, 800x600
- 128MB built-in memory, can store additional files on Seeframe Live
- Wi-Fi 802.11b/g with WEP encryption
- Easy photosharing -- frame has its own email address

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