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September 11, 2008

New Digital Picture Frame and Portable DVD Player from LG

LG_digiframeDVDplayer.jpgWell if it isn't something NEW in the digital picture frame lineup! LG has debuted the LG DP889 ($229), which functions as an 8-inch digital picture frame and a portable DVD player. The frame sports a 3-in-1 memory card slot but you can also pull photos right off a DVD. Also features dual headphone jacks, so you and a friend can settle into a flick on an airplane without bothering anyone else. If you're at home, the built-in speakers are decent for a theater experience. Battery life is 3.5 hours for video playback. We like this innovation!

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September 8, 2008

NEW! The Sony Vaio CP1 Wi-Fi Digital Picture Frame: Sleek and Tasty

sony_vaio_digiframe.jpgSo we know that any foray Sony takes into digital picture frames is quality, given their expertise in digital displays and decades of success in the consumer electronics market. Add to this the innovation of Shoutcast radio streaming in their latest frame, the Sony Vaio CP1. That means you've got a nice set of speakers on the frame from which to play Internet radio.

Otherwise you'll be happy with a 7-inch monitor, wireless networking, RSS feed integration and 128MB internal memory plus compatibility with most media cards and online albums like Picasa. You can have your RSS headlines run over your photos, as well as date and time information. The display itself is a cut above with 16 million colors and a light sensor that automatically adjusts the brightness of the display according to ambient light. Frame goes on sale in mid-October for $300.

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September 4, 2008

Samsung Launches Line of Wi-Fi Digital Picture Frames

And so it begins, folks. Get ready to be inundated with digital picture frames in these months leading up to the holidays. That's right, the holidays. We'll do our best to sift through the wreckage for you and bring the real winners to the top.samsung_wififrames.jpgKeep an eye on these frames from Samsung as we see the wi-fi options growing. The 8-inch SPF-85V retails in October at $199 and the 10-inch SPF-105V will be available in November for $289. Both frames feature wireless connectivity, auto rotation and a rechargeable battery as well as InfoLink's free information service to obtain news, weather and stocks via wireless.

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August 18, 2008

The Social Digital Picture Frame from Picwing

picwing.jpgStartup Picwing emerged over the weekend with a social photo site and digital picture frame offering. How does this work? You can simply be a member of Picwing, using the site to upload, share and organize your photos. They've coupled this social service with a digital picture frame that has a unique email address that family and friends could email photos to directly. It's taking out the middleman again, otherwise known as the PC. Frames are being produced as we type, but you can preorder for $249 at Picwing.

Now we'll give points for innovation since we know how redundant the digital picture frame market is. While no one has exactly paired a digital picture frame with a social photo site, there are a variety of excellent wireless digital picture frames already out there that can function in much the same way--friends and family can email you photos, you can download news and photos from any number of photo sharing sites, etc. The lackluster part of this offering from Picwing is of course the digital picture frame itself. At a $249, the 7-inch frame is not particularly competitive with established wireless digital frames already on the market (i.e. Kodak). (via TechCrunch)

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August 7, 2008

Samsung's Digital Picture Frame and Computer Monitor

samsung_SPF105P.jpgWell this seems to be the latest feature for the digital picture frames... dual use as a frame and computer monitor. Again, we think this is fine, but not earth-shattering. Essentially any computer monitor can be used as a digital frame--ever run a screen saver with your photos? We do appreciate the quality of Samsung's screen products (TV, monitors, etc.) so give this frame a look. We're not sure about having control buttons on the front of the frame and we miss the remote, but the screen specs are great. Stay tuned on pricing and where to buy. Specs below: (via ChipChick)

Samsung SPF-105P
10-inch LCD,1024x600 high resolution with 500:1 contrast ratio
1GB internal memory (stows up to 10,000 photos)
Auto on/off settings
On-frame control buttons
Rechargeable battery for cord-free use (up to 1 hour)
Connects to computer via USB

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August 5, 2008

Photographic Weather: The Digital Picture Frame Weather Station

Way to streamline. Hammacher Schlemmer has once again offered an intelligent and multi-functional device, this time in the over-saturated digital picture frame category. It's a 7-inch digital display (480 x 234 with 300:1 contrast ratio) with 128MB internal memory and room for memory cards. There's a remote outdoor sensor that you attach outside (within 100 feet of the display) which will measure everything from indoor and outdoor temperature to barometric pressure, sunset and the phase of the moon. There's also an alarm clock feature. digiframeweatherstation.jpgNow there is always give-and-take with multi-functional devices. In this case you're giving up display quality in favor of weather monitoring. At $199.95, we see this as an embellished weather station. If your primary use is a digital picture frame, you're better off using your dollars to take advantage of wireless and high-resolution features.

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July 31, 2008

Don't Blink: It's the Eyeball Digital Picture Frame

eyeballdigiframe.jpgThis is definitely a novelty item but hey, we have a soft spot for eyeball styling. Chinese electronics manufacturer Strongking has developed the eyeball-like Strongking GK858 DPF. The screen ranges from 1.5 to 1.8 inches and displays JPGs and BMPs with 16MB of internal memory. Connects to PC via USB 2.0 and operates with AAA battery and energy saving mode. The clock and calendar functions make us thing this would be fun for a kid's alarm clock. The eyeball seems to be newly launched so we'll follow up on where to buy and pricing once it's released. Blinky blinky! (via SlipperyBrick)

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July 30, 2008

eBooks on Your Wireless Digital Picture Frame: RoverSoft's Zune eBook Creator

zuneEbookcreator.pngOkay. Just because you CAN put two things together doesn't mean you should. Say you're sitting on the couch, hanging out with your new wireless digital picture frame, thinking about reading a book, trying to choose between the two. Well! You can put an end to this bitter love triangle by using your wireless picture frame to download the new RoverSoft Zune eBook Creator ($19.50). Simply put, the Zune software converts the text of your average eBook-formatted file into a JPG and displays it on your frame. It also allows you to modify the JPGs, although we're not sure why you'd want to do that. So the bottom line is, you can cuddle up with your digital picture frame and read. Thank goodness. Why one would go to all this trouble rather than fork over for the portable, outdoor-light-friendly Kindle, remains a mystery to us. We also like the smell of books. You decide. (via wirelesspictureframe)

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July 21, 2008

Parrot Digital Picture Frames: Setting the Standard for Design

parrot_digiframes.jpgOkay, time to call off the Aesthetic Police! Finally we have found a line of digital picture frames that are actually designed. Parrot has been a bit of a loner on this front and most recently announced a new 7-inch Bluetooth digital picture frame created with famed French designer Andrée Putman. You will find many more styles at Amazon--everything from fabric and zebra print to leather and wood. The frames are small, only 3.5- or 7-inch, but perfect for accents around home and office. Pricing and technical capabilities are on par with the market. Check it out!

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July 17, 2008

Digital Picture Frame that Doubles as a Computer Monitor: The Asus UFOTO UF735

asus_ufoto735.jpgWhile part of us says, "Hey, you can use any computer monitor as a digital picture frame" the other part says, "hey, you can't use any digital picture frame as a computer monitor." Such is the UFOTO UF735, the latest innovation from Asus. It's a 7-inch high-resolution digital picture frame that does all you would expect--play audio and slideshows--but it also offers a sub-display function that allows you to use it as a secondary display on your computer. So how cool is this? While it will allow you to visually drop things from PC to the frame, those who would benefit from this intuitive and visual method would probably not find setting up a second PC display so intuitive. And who gets excited about a 7-inch computer monitor? Right. We're not sure what consumer Asus has in mind here but it sure hit the news wires in June thanks to winning a Red Dot design award. No release information yet--stay tuned. (via Engadet)

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