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October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween: The Pumpkins Will Get You For This

flickr_pumpkin1.jpgSo this is a prime example of a pumpkin mutilated at knifepoint. It's obviously been sedated or drugged in some way to be issuing this expression during such anguish. You people are sick, just sick. Taken with a Nikon D200. You can see more work from minipixel at Flickr. flickr_pumpkin2.jpgflickr_pumpkin3.jpg

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October 30, 2008

Say Cheese! In Your Very Own Photo Booth

photobooth.pngIf you're sad about the demise of Polaroid, pick yourself up with this photo booth from Hammacher Schlemmer. That's right. Whenever you're home alone thinking "technology doesn't make me happy anymore" you can tuck yourself into this booth, draw the shade and one button push later, you'll have 4 wallet shots of crazy you to cheer you up. Sigh. The prints are made with a Polaroid-designed thermal printer, producing 2-inch square 72dpi monochrome images. Booth comes with 2 rolls of film, which translates to 800 sessions (4 photos a session). You'll need an AC outlet for this. Oh, and $10,000. And another $2,000 for shipping.

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October 30, 2008

NEW Digital Picture Frames from Ceiva: Connects to Family + Friends

ceiva_lifeshare.jpgThese two new interactive digital picture frames from Ceiva feature wi-fi connectivity and even Ethernet and phone line connectivity for the cord-lovers among us. CeivaLife ($160) is an 8-inch frame with a 640x480 display, multi-card reader and connectivity via wi-fi, phone or Ethernet. CeivaShare ($130) is also an 8-inch frame but with a 600x800 display, multi-card reader, wi-fi connectivity and image enhancement software. Both frames are compatible with PicturePlan, a subscription service ($99.95/year) that facilitates sharing photos online with family and friends. The design of the frames is nice, a little different flair.

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October 29, 2008

Hello Kitty, It's Me, Selphy.

canonselphyCP770.jpgKonnichiwa! Only available in Japan for now, where the folks give Hello Kitty the respect she deserves. It's that same bizarre bucket design the Canon Selphy CP770 is famous for, but in pink, with that bow-bedazzled, mouthless kitty staring at you, her eyes unsettlingly far apart. While the CP770 is a trusted friend to the Portable Printing Population (PPP), we urge you to take a look at the recently released Canon Selphy ES3 and ES30. These guys are a little more advanced in features... the design is still frightening, but looks aren't everything.

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October 28, 2008

The Truth About Megapixels: Americans Hoard Them

PMAmegapixelstats.jpgNow here's a poll that won't get you down. In August 2008, PMA (The Worldwide Community of Imaging Associations) reports that almost 80% of digital cameras sold in the US had 8-megapixels or more. To boot, 27% of digital cameras sold in the US had 10-megapixels or more. Compare this to August 2007, where only 20% of digital cameras sold in the US had 8-megapixels or more. In 2007, DSLRs accounted for just 10.3% of digital cameras sold in the US. We don't have more recent numbers on that fact, but it'd be interesting to see what kind of camera bodies people are housing their megapixels in. There's a distinct correlation between dollars and megapixels and at a certain point, you're not benefiting from the megapixels in a low-end camera body. Kind of like putting ground rib eye in meatloaf. You dig? (via ZDNet)

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October 27, 2008

When Babies You Know Aren't Enough: Anne Geddes and Westinghouse Partner for NEW Digital Picture Frame

If you're one of millions of Americans who like to ogle stranger babies in even stranger situations, then you are in luck. Westinghouse has just announced a frame pre-loaded with images from Anne Geddes. You'll be able to add your own photos into the mix. No vital stats yet on the frames (or the price), which kind of ticks us off. In the meantime you might want to scan your favorite Anne Geddes book and load it into another digital picture frame.
westinghouse_annegeddesDF.jpgNow, the idea of using a digital picture frame to display bona fide artwork is kind of interesting. Samsung announced a partnership with Thomas Kinkade earlier in the year and we urge you to explore that launch (complete with specs).

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October 25, 2008

Portable Digital Photo Keychain - Carry More Pictures With You


This Digital Photo Keychain can hold up to 60 (digital) pictures on your keychain, in bright, brilliant color lcd picture frame color. The Coby 1.5 inch Digital Photo Frame Keychain has CSTN LCD Color display. The DP151 allows you to browse your photos for up to 4 hours per charge of its built-in rechargeable battery. We also love the fact this frame has software for Mac OSX as well.

  • Exchange and add new photos using the built-in USB port to communicate with your PC for rapid image file transfer.
  • Displays JPG/BMP, GIF Image files.
  • Windows compatible. Uses integrated rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery.
  • Mac OSX compatible

At Coby 1.5-Inch Digital Photo Keychain

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October 17, 2008

flickr Friday: Jack-O-Frozen-With-Terror-Lanterns

flickr_jackolanterns.jpgSigh. You know how we feel for the pumpkins. These look pretty cool for being almost dead. You can see the horror on the pumpkins' faces. Taken with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT. You can see more work from zizzybaloobah at Flickr.

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October 15, 2008

NEW: Simple But Stellar Digital Picture Frames from Cagic

cagic_birchframe.jpgWe're always looking for new aesthetic in the digital picture frame world... too many plastic, black rectangles out there. Cagic has just entered the market with an 8.4-inch digital picture frame featured in birch, mahogany and black. It looks good and feels good--substantial metal and wood materials. The best things about this frame are the included 1GB memory card, touch-matting technology (the silver matte has touch controls, not the actual screen) for operating the frame and of course the birch look. Where it lacks luster? No remote control, wi-fi, audio or video capability. But that's the Cagic mission--to keep it simple and focus on high quality function and design. Connects to your computer or camera via USB. You can purchase at Cagic for $179.99. For that price, we'd like to see some more functionality, but if aesthetic is your end game, looks like you're going to have to cough up.

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October 14, 2008

Digital Camera Swim Mask from Liquid Image: See the Field Test

liquidimage_swimmaskcam.jpgCheck out the field test at Popular Photography on the Liquid Image Digital Camera Swim Mask. We wrote about the mask a few months ago, but this is a great field review. We'll let you follow the links to get the scoop, but it's a pretty cool toy. The mask was released in March for purchase and you can find it on Amazon for $100.

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October 13, 2008

NEW Digital Picture Frame from Digital Foci: Image Moments 6

digitalfoci_imagemoments6.jpgSaunter over to our friends at Networking Audio Video and learn about the new Image Moments 6 digital picture frame from Digital Foci. Just released for the holiday season, this frame sports a 6-inch screen and 450MB internal memory. There are plenty of options for file management and a remote control as well. Snatch it up at Amazon for $145.

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October 10, 2008

flickr Friday: Pumpkin Fields Forever

flickr_pumpkinfield.jpgLet's take a moment to reflect on the life of a pumpkin. Early in life, pumpkins enjoy a naive bliss, sunning themselves in the fields with the bugs and the leaves, just hanging out, being orange, round and cute. It's our favorite crop to see growing from the side of the road. Then the upheaval. Yanked into trucks, tossed into piles, manhandled by discerning grownups and clumsy toddlers, then mutilated with knives, paint and fire. It is a spooky time of year folks, and no one knows it more than the pumpkins. Taken with a Sony DSC-H1. You can see more work from cindy47452 at Flickr.

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October 9, 2008

AgfaPhoto DC-1338sT: New Touch Screen Digital Camera

agfa_DC1338sT.jpgThere's a lot to be said for the touch screen, just ask any iPhone fanatic. While we find it awkward on, say, a digital picture frame where you're mucking up your display with fingerprints, on an operating screen it can be a great feature. AgfaPhoto's new DC-1338sT ($265) offers a 3-inch touch screen you can operate with a stylus or your finger. In addition, it's got 10-megapixels, a 3x optical zoom, ISO sensitivity to 3200, 22 scene modes, a collection of intelligent features like smile detection and face tracking, as well as low-resolution video and audio recording. While Agfa's not usually on the short list, this little machine is worth a look and due to release in the US anytime. In the meantime you can examine the Agfa's DC-1338i -- the model is identical except for the touch screen.

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October 8, 2008

You Are Here: How to Geotag Your Digital Photos

geotagging.jpgSo we all know your digital camera will record the date and time of a photo, but what about the exact location of it? Well, there are two digital cameras we can recommend that will geotag your photos, recording the exact coordinates (longitude and latitude, folks) where you took the photo. What can this do for you? Besides satisfying nerd needs, it's another way you can sort your photos and you could even create an interactive map of a recent vacation with images that correspond to points along your route.

Check out the Nikon Coolpix P600 ($466) and the iPhone 3G for affordable geotagging fun. Now you can still geotag photos taken with other cameras, you just have to do it manually with either software or hardware. For a detailed explanation, check out this article at MacWorld. Google Earth, iPhoto and Flickr are great software for geotagging. For hardware, you can check out the ATP PhotoFinder ($100) or the Gisteq PhotoTrackr ($90) -- these are devices you carry with you and use to record your location as you go along.

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October 3, 2008

flickr Friday: Autumn in Ireland

flickr_irelandautumn.jpgThis photo is enchanting and gives us pause. While we knew Ireland was green, we didn't realize it was autumnal. Taken with a Canon EOS 350D. You can see more work from Edward Dullard at Flickr.

Is there a flickr photo you want to see on PictureSnob? Email us!

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October 1, 2008

September 2008 Monthly Roundup for PictureSnob

monthlyroundup.jpgIt's getting noisy out there. September marks the start of the hubbub for gift givers the world over as we near the holiday months. There's a few new digital picture frames out there, most notable the immense 32-inch frame from Smartparts and the world's first OLED from Kodak. As for cameras, we'll tip our hats to a couple unique offerings, the photographic binoculars and the digital camera spy sunglasses.Thumbnail image for nikon_D90.jpgProduct of the Month: Nikon D90 DSLR with Movie Capability
As much as we loathe the relationship between Nikon and Ashton Kutcher, Nikon deserves some credit for launching the first DSLR with movie function. While the point-and-shoot cameras have blended video, audio and image functions for years, the very technology in a DSLR (in short, mirrors) works against video technology. Until now. Read the post for the full story and start saving, the Nikon D90 costs $1200 with lens.

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