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August 29, 2008

flickr Friday: Day Fire at Sunset

flickr_dayfire.jpgThis shot was taken in California in 2006 during the wildfires. It's day 14 and the fire is burning while mingling with an incredible sunset of smoke clouds. You can see more work from drumsnwhistles at Flickr.

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August 28, 2008

All-in-one Wireless Printers: Epson Artisan Series

epson_artisan_700_800.jpgOkay, we are jazzed about these printers--get one! Epson recently launched two new all-in-one printers that are looking very snazzy... say hello to the Artisan 700 ($200) and the Artisan 800 ($300). What do these hunks of vivid love do? Well, they of course scan, fax and print (up to 38 pages per minute), including the ability to print directly on CD/DVD. Photo printing quality is great, featuring the six-color Ultra Hi-Definition Claria ink. They read memory cards for direct camera-to-printer printing. There's a fabulous LCD touch screen control panel. And best of all, the Artisans come with wi-fi. And the units are petite--just 6 inches tall! The main difference between the models is that the Artisan 800 sports a higher scanning resolution (4800 dpi), larger LCD panel with more controls and the ability to fax. For $100 more, we think the Artisan 800 is your best bet. (via Gizmodo)

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August 27, 2008

Portable Photo Printers: Canon Selphy ES3 and ES30

canon_selphy_ES3_ES30.jpgWe're not sure why these printers look like cassette players circa 1983 but if the handle doesn't scream portability, we don't know what does. It's rumored that scrapbook fanatics tote around photo printers. Otherwise, we're not sure who does. Teens? Perverts? At any rate, whether you're dragging this printer down the block or just into the kitchen, Canon is providing you with an LCD control panel, internal memory, PictBridge technology and a bunch of clip art so you can get creative. The Selphy line uses special integrated paper and ink cartridges that deliver good quality but expect curling when the photos first come out. The Selphy ES3 ($200) has more internal memory and a larger LCD but otherwise is identical to the Selphy ES30 ($150). (via Engadget)

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August 26, 2008

Recover Erased Digital Photos with Exif Untrasher

If you have ever pushed that little trash can button with too much gusto and suffered editor's remorse, you can now recover deleted images from your memory card. The Exif Untrasher can be downloaded for free although it is only compatible with Macs (that's a first). You will be able to recover JPGs from your memory card whether you have simply deleted the images or completely reformatted the memory card. Magic! There is other memory card recovery software worth looking at (although it ain't free)--try CardRecovery ($40) or Photorescue ($29). (via ChipChick)

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August 25, 2008

New Touchscreen Photo Printers from Casio: PCP-1200 and PCP-250

casio_PCP1200.jpgWhile the Casio brand isn't big in the United States, it does quiet well in Japan with a variety of consumer-and-wallet-friendly electronics. Right now, these new printers are being released in Japan only, but we hope they fare well and make the leap over the pond so we can get some options over here. Stay tuned.

The PCP-1200 rocks a 7-inch LCD display, the PCP-250 has a more standard 3.5-inch LCD display. Otherwise both models share the following features (girl not included):

- Foldout keyboard (captions, invitations, announcements, etc.)
- Stylus for drawing on the images (thought bubbles, moustaches, etc.)
- High-resolution printouts (1200 x 2400) up to 4" x 6"
- Compatible with most memory cards
- Can print directly from camera or mobile phone
- Includes programmed themes for cards and such

(via Technopress)

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August 22, 2008

The Crow for MTV HD: Possibly the Best Animation Ever

Now our Flickr Friday shot reminded us of one of our favorite videos ever. The Crow, made to launch MTV HD a few years ago. Besides the amazing, flowing graphics and glorious negative space, the idea of using a black and white animation to announce HD gave us a whole new respect for MTV.
MTV HD Crow from mate on Vimeo.

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flickr Friday: Crows in a Row

flickr_crowsinarow.jpgCrows. The unconsidered bird. These crows are lining up for food, apparently. We love the dark heft of this shot... the blackness of the crows, in an unusual moment of stillness. Though we're sure these birds are making a racket. You can see more work from BugMan50 at Flickr.

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August 21, 2008

The Polaroid Camera Returns in 2009: All Digital, No Shaking

polaroid_2009digicam.jpgEvolution hath touched the Polaroid thanks to the development of the Zink PoGo Printer (see earlier post). In 2009 we will see a digital camera from Polaroid that has a built-in PoGo Bluetooth printer. The camera will instantly produce 4" x 3" prints, and order can restore in the world. This seems like a much better concept than the printer all by its lonesome, which they've been selling throughout 2008. Stay tuned for pricing and more details as they surface. (via Slashgear)

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August 20, 2008

The Eco Digi Mode Digital Camera: Environmental, Strange and Smug

ecodigimode.jpgOne step forward for the environment, five steps backwards for digital camera users. The Eco Digi Mode digital camera from Plaza Create Co. is on the market in Japan and it's a 3-megapixel disposable digital camera with flash, 2.4-inch LCD and capacity for 50 images. Once you use up the photos, you send it to a lab to get processed and the lab returns an image CD to you. Sound remarkably like the disposable film cameras, right? So presumably the only advantage is that you can opt to delete or save your photos as you shoot them, versus film where you're stuck with what you get. Once the lab processes your photos, it either wipes the card and resells the camera (interesting interpretation of "recycle") or breaks down the camera for parts to feed other cameras, mobile phones, etc. Retails for about $12 in Japan and the waterproof version goes for $18. Will this innovation hop the pond? We shall see. (via Gizmodo)

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August 18, 2008

The Social Digital Picture Frame from Picwing

picwing.jpgStartup Picwing emerged over the weekend with a social photo site and digital picture frame offering. How does this work? You can simply be a member of Picwing, using the site to upload, share and organize your photos. They've coupled this social service with a digital picture frame that has a unique email address that family and friends could email photos to directly. It's taking out the middleman again, otherwise known as the PC. Frames are being produced as we type, but you can preorder for $249 at Picwing.

Now we'll give points for innovation since we know how redundant the digital picture frame market is. While no one has exactly paired a digital picture frame with a social photo site, there are a variety of excellent wireless digital picture frames already out there that can function in much the same way--friends and family can email you photos, you can download news and photos from any number of photo sharing sites, etc. The lackluster part of this offering from Picwing is of course the digital picture frame itself. At a $249, the 7-inch frame is not particularly competitive with established wireless digital frames already on the market (i.e. Kodak). (via TechCrunch)

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August 15, 2008

flickr Friday: The Golden Tiger

flickr_goldentiger.jpgIf you haven't spent time looking at photos of tigers, you should. They are really amazing creatures... beautiful and terrible at once. Here we have a male golden tiger walking about at his zoo home. Shot was taken with a Nikon D300--a tiger among DSLRs, if we may say so. You can see more work from Tambako the Jaguar at Flickr.

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August 14, 2008

A Digital Camera Based on the Human Eye?

eyecamera.jpgTo quote: "Drawing inspiration from the simple design of the human eye..." Who said our eyes were simple?! Sure, Charlie. Well, researchers at Northwestern University and the University of Illinois joined forces to develop an eye-like camera with a curved lens that resembles a retina. This curved screen reduces the distortion that comes from projecting light on a flat surface and increases the field of view, reducing the need for multiple lenses. As we know, all electronics are currently based on flat and rigid wafers, and even slight curves pose considerable production and engineering challenges.

The implications of this "flexible electronic" development are exciting for both electronics engineers and bioengineers. For the latter, it's the hope of correcting neuron misfirings in epilepsy patients and even bionic eyes that transmit digital signals to the brain's vision centers. For electronics engineers, it's compact, one-lens-does-all cameras, wrap-around video displays and even roll-up solar panels.

Very exciting stuff! Keep your eyes peeled for more on this. Heh. (via TMCnet)

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August 12, 2008

Tat Time: How to Make Your Own Temporary Tattoos with Your Photo Printer

inkjettattoos.jpgWhether you're practicing for the real ink or just trying to freak out your mother, spend a rainy day making your own tattoos! You can design your tattoo with anything--snag clip art from Microsoft, scan and manipulate photos in Photoshop, draw original artwork in Illustrator... you get the idea. Just remember, you need to print a mirror image--this is especially important for "Sally 4 Eva" and other text--so if your printer doesn't support mirror image printing you will have to reverse your art in the software. We'll describe the process below but also check out Crafty Computer Paper's demo.

You'll need ink jet tattoo paper--make sure to store it in a plastic bag, safe from humidity. Set your ink jet to "plain paper" setting. Do yourself a favor and run a few test prints on plain paper so you're sure you like the color and have the mirror image thing under control. Once you've printed onto the tattoo paper, let it dry thoroughly (five minutes). Then you place the adhesive paper over the printed images--be sure to squish out any air bubbles on a hard surface. Then you can cut out the tattoo to a more manageable size, peel off the adhesive layer (this leaves a sticky film over your image), apply to your skin (clean and dry skin of course) and press down, rubbing with a damp paper towel for about a minute. Wah-lah! Now send us a photo of your new tat! (via Databazaar)

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August 11, 2008

Canon's New Babies: Affordable All-In-One Photo Printers Pixma MP190 and Pixma MP480

canon_pixma_MP190_MP480.jpgThe Canon Pixma line is a popular one for personal ink jet photo printing, and for good reason. Affordable, compact and user-friendly, Canon has offered continual improvements in image and archival quality. Both printers include scanning and copying abilities, scanning documents as large as 8.5x11 at up to 2400x4800 dpi. Even better, these newbies support the ChromaLife 100 System, which increases prints' resistance to fading, heat and humidity for up to 30 years. Available to buy in September.

Canon Pixma MP190
- 19 ppm (pages per minute) in black ink and 15 ppm in color
- Borderless 4x6 prints in 70 seconds

Canon Pixma MP480 ($99.99)
- 20 ppm in black ink and 16 ppm in color
- Borderless 4x6 prints in 45 seconds
- Auto-scan mode
- Supports ChromaLife 100+ ink, which claims a lifespan for prints ,of 300 years when archived properly

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August 8, 2008

flickr Friday: Baby Carolina Wrens

flickr_carolinawrens.jpgNothing like skinny baby birdies to start off a Friday. These Carolina wrens look hungry! Taken with a Canon PowerShot S3 IS--always a great choice for a point-and-shoot when you're not quite ready to deal with a DSLR. You can see more work from Vicki's Nature at Flickr.

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August 7, 2008

Samsung's Digital Picture Frame and Computer Monitor

samsung_SPF105P.jpgWell this seems to be the latest feature for the digital picture frames... dual use as a frame and computer monitor. Again, we think this is fine, but not earth-shattering. Essentially any computer monitor can be used as a digital frame--ever run a screen saver with your photos? We do appreciate the quality of Samsung's screen products (TV, monitors, etc.) so give this frame a look. We're not sure about having control buttons on the front of the frame and we miss the remote, but the screen specs are great. Stay tuned on pricing and where to buy. Specs below: (via ChipChick)

Samsung SPF-105P
10-inch LCD,1024x600 high resolution with 500:1 contrast ratio
1GB internal memory (stows up to 10,000 photos)
Auto on/off settings
On-frame control buttons
Rechargeable battery for cord-free use (up to 1 hour)
Connects to computer via USB

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August 6, 2008

50-megapixels from Hasselblad: A New Use for Home Equity Lines

hasselblad_50mp.jpgWell, while some folks ogle at fancy car magazines, we ogle at Hasselblads. Sigh. 50-megapixels. This thing is HUGE. Its sensor alone (Kodak 50mp 36x48 mm) is twice the physical size of the largest DSLR sensors out there. This camera can capture a 65MB (compressed) image in 1.1 second. Be still my heart! Who is this gorgeous beast made for? Very high-end commercial pros. (Keep in mind most of these guys are satisfied with 25-megapixels.) So if anyone's got $36,000 burning a hole in their pocket, this Hasselblad is crying for you.

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August 5, 2008

The Big Picture: Sweet Shots from Boston.com

Have a look see at The Big Picture, a collection of news photos on Boston.com. Each photo on this page leads to a multi-image collection, so be sure to sniff around for a while and enjoy. Here are a few of our favorites:bigpicture1.pngbigpicture2.pngbigpicture3.png

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Photographic Weather: The Digital Picture Frame Weather Station

Way to streamline. Hammacher Schlemmer has once again offered an intelligent and multi-functional device, this time in the over-saturated digital picture frame category. It's a 7-inch digital display (480 x 234 with 300:1 contrast ratio) with 128MB internal memory and room for memory cards. There's a remote outdoor sensor that you attach outside (within 100 feet of the display) which will measure everything from indoor and outdoor temperature to barometric pressure, sunset and the phase of the moon. There's also an alarm clock feature. digiframeweatherstation.jpgNow there is always give-and-take with multi-functional devices. In this case you're giving up display quality in favor of weather monitoring. At $199.95, we see this as an embellished weather station. If your primary use is a digital picture frame, you're better off using your dollars to take advantage of wireless and high-resolution features.

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August 1, 2008

August 2008 Monthly Roundup for PictureSnob

monthlyroundup.jpgThere were a bunch of exciting products we'd like to remind you of this month. Only stuff-you-can-buy is eligible for Product of the Month, but do take a gander at GigaPan, the little robot who helps you take one sick panoramic. We touched on some lack luster digital frame features--love the frames, getting tired of the gimmicky "features"--and give a big hats off to Parrot for their dynamic digital frame designs. You can read up on dye sub vs. ink jet printers and glean some pointers on ghost photography as well.
framechanel.pngProduct of the Month: Frame Channel
We love this service from Frame Channel--it's simple, useful and a little ahead of its time. It's a free membership you can use to manage the content on your wireless digital picture frame--news and sports feeds, photo sharing with friends and family, you name it. Read the full post here.

Digital Cameras

Digital Photo Services

Digital Picture Frames

Industry News

Monthly Roundup

Photo Printers

flickr Friday

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flickr Friday: Paris Boarding

flickr_parisboarder.jpgWe like this moody sports action shot... and the illusion that the skater is hanging onto the Eiffel Tower. You can see more work from looking4poetry at Flickr. Is there a flickr photo you want to see on PictureSnob? Email us!

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